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Jackie's Story

I lost my Husband to secondary cancer at the beginning of 2017. He was the love of mylife and we thought he had cracked it in 2014, but it wasn’t to be. I was diagnosed 9 months later. I really can’t describe how it felt at the time as when people mention the big C I think of my Ken and my loss. There has been articles how the loss of a loved one can cause cancer, especially Breast Cancer, but who knows? The only time I cried was when they were going through my details and asked if I was mar...

April 1, 2019

Our visit from Sue Cooper regarding Nicola Jane lingerie.

What a fantastic morning with Sue Cooper from Nicola Jane. Such a wonderful array of colours, patterns and styles. Sue gave us brilliant advice and we will definitely be asking her to come to an evening meeting in the future. I know a few women went home very happy as they finally had a well fitting bra!Find out about other meetings and events HERE. ...

March 29, 2019

Julia's Story

I was 47 years old with my 3 gorgeous boys aged 22,10 and 7 at the time. Life was great.  I had my dream job and my family  had time to spend together. Then I found the ‘lump’. I was messing around and literally brushed  my left breast with my hand and thought ‘what was that?’ I prodded more  and found that when I lifted my breast up and pushed from the side, that I could feel quite a large mass. The GP saw me the next day when I was  referred to the one stop sho...

March 17, 2019

Helen's Story

Hello, my name is Helen, I’m 43 years old and currently receiving treatment for breast cancer. Having previously been diagnosed with cervical cancer resulting in a hysterectomy at the age of 36 I thought it was grossly unfair to receive a second helping of The Big C. It was November 2017 when I discovered a small pea like lump in my left breast. I wasn’t checking my breasts as such, just showering as normal when I felt it. I wasn’t particularly worried, but something told me I should get i...

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